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Choosing a web design company can be a challenge. That's why we developed a flexible and helpful design process that is simple, clear, and fast. Our clients are important to us and we make every effort to help you with your new or existing project.

With so much business being generated on the internet, a website needs to be designed and built with online marketing very much at the core of the strategy. It's no longer sufficient to simply make it look good, it's now all about how to promote it on the web, in order to turn searchers into visitors and visitors into customers. And this all stems from the good design, layout, usability and function of a site.


We handle all aspects of web design, web development, implementation, project management, and maintenance. Complete fluency in front-end technologies such as AJAX, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS and back-end technologies such as PHP, ASP, .NET, XML, MySQL and SQL Server.


We work with all clients, from private individuals to corporations, and follow the below mentioned rules :

  • We appreciate your and others' time.
  • Be easier and more productive (nothing extra)
  • Begin work only after the drafting and approval of the full master plan. This improves our understanding of the project as well as of the client and generally helps to reduce the development time by a considerable amount.
  • We try not to complicate the things unnecessarily. Life is already a complex puzzle, so no need to make it even more complex.


Creative Point builds great websites that will get your message across to your client. We don't start things off by jumping right into Photoshop. Instead, we sit and listen. We want to hear you talk about your business, your needs, and your vision. After that, we think. We work through navigational and usability issues, we examine the marketplace to find out what others are doing that works. We take into account your existing brand and audience.

To get a glimpse of what we've done for our clients, please have a look at our web design portfolio — you'll be glad you did.

Testimonials ...

CreativePoint put our website among the first results provided by the most popular search engines, where there used to be no mention of our business. CreativePoint did what they promised they would do and at a very affordable and acceptable price.


Yordan Kochev, www.lozovmaterial.com

Creative Point - professional web design

Modern web design, creative ideas, responsible attitude, attention to the details, focused on results... this is Creative Point!

We provide web design services that take into account the specific needs of your business and your visitors. Our web design services are structured to help businesses succeed online.

We aim to create sites that truly represent our clients and connect with their customers and visitors.

Creative Point - modern graphic design

As our name suggests, we love to create. Graphic design is our passion.

We will create effective, original and attractive graphic design for advertising your products and services.

We brainstorm with you and carefully listen to everything you have to say. We care about every detail.

Not getting the results you want?

If no one can find your website, how will you attract new customers and expand your business? Need help getting visitors and customers to your site? We can help with that too.

We can take your existing website and increase your organic page ranking through competitive analysis, key word research, and writing copy.

Just contact us to discuss!

Come get a fresh prospective!

Learning about your organization, understanding your products and services, and getting to know who your clients are, is the first step in creating a successful marketing strategy.

We believe in developing a strong and lasting relationship with your organization to provide you with strategies that are relevant, valuable, and timely to your company.

You've come to the right place...

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